School Routine

School Hours

Nursery            Morning session           9am - 11.30am

                          Afternoon session        12.45pm -3.15pm

Milner Base       9.15am -2.45pm        Milner Base Classroom door from LRB yard

Reception          9.15am - Classroom doors from Foundation Phase yard          2.45pm Foundation Phase Yard outside classrooms

Year 1               9.00am -Milner Building main entrance (front door)      3.15pm Foundation Phase yard

Year 2               8.45am -Milner Building main entrance (front door)      3.00pm Foundation Phase yard

Year 3               9.10am -Jenkins side door                                            3.15pm Main grassed astro-turf

Year 4               9.10am -Milner courtyard entrance                               3.15pm Milner courtyard

Year 5               8.45am -Jenkins building front stairs                            3.00pm Main grassed astro-turf

Year 6               9.00am -Jenkins building front stairs                            3.30pm Main grassed astro-turf

If you have more than one child at St Andrews Primary please arrive at the earliest start time offered and all children will be allowed into school at this time. Pupils in Years 1-6 enter throughany gate.