Weekly News 11.04.16

Weekly News 11.04.16

Test Weeks

Good attendance and punctuality at school is always important, but it is especially important over the next few weeks, especially from:

Tuesday 3rd May - Tuesday 10th May

The children are completing their Standardised Assessment tests in Maths, Reading and Spelling throughout the school. The Reading and Maths tests from Year 2 - Year 6 are National Assessment tests.

These are VERY important tests as they help to support the teachers assessment of the childrens progress throughout the year.

The Year 6 results are also used by the High School as a Baseline from which they group the children.

After School Clubs

After school clubs for this term will resume on:

Monday 25th April

a timetable is on the back on this newsletter.


It was noticeable last term that a large number of pupils did not have P.E. kit in school and so were unable to take part in P.E. and Games lessons.

We shall be making the most of the sunny weather and outside games lessons will take place weekly.

Please ensure your child has suitable clothing to change into for P.E. and Games lessons.

School P.E. kit is currently:

School house t-shirt/black shorts/tracksuit/trainers.

We are organising spare kit boxes for each year group so if your child does not bring the appropriate kit to school they will be expected to borrow spare kit for their lesson.

If you have any outgrown shorts, t-shirts, tracksuits or trainers / daps please send them into school for our spare kit boxes.

Thank you for your continued support.

Sainsburys Vouchers

We are collecting Sainsburys Active Kids vouchers. The more vouchers we receive, the more sports equipment we are able to get. Please send vouchers into school with your children to post in our special collecting boxes located in the main office.