Weekly News 09.05.16

Weekly News


Attendance winners - congratulations!!

The best attendance awards for a class attendance total last week went to:

Class RSB in Foundation Phase with 96.6%

Class 4CBr in Key Stage 2 with 99%

Keep up the good work!

Fixed penalty notices

In September 2014 Wales introduced a fixed penalty notice and fines for parents whose children have more than 5 days of unauthorised absence.
The notice can be issued for any absences not authorised by the school, including holidays.
Newport City Council will issue these notices when concerns are raised by school or the police.
The fine is 120 unless paid within 28 days when it is 60.

School News 2016 - 2017

As many of you are probably aware, our school community is growing rapidly. On behalf of the Governing Body, I am pleased to announce that we are expanding our staff team. There are a number of job adverts out at the moment as we need to increase our classes in the junior department.

Congratulations to Mrs Charles and Mr Llewellyn who have both been appointed as Assistant Headteachers at the school. Both members of staff have worked in a senior position throughout this year and we look forward to working with them as their new roles become official.

Congratulations also to Mrs Skrobala who will be joining us after half term as a permanent Teaching Assistant with responsibility for EAL learners. Mrs Skrobala is very talented, her home language is Polish but she also speaks Italian, English and some Slovak. I am sure she will be a great asset to our team.

Important - Decorating on site!

Please note that on Tuesday 10th May we have a team of volunteers from Lloyds bank helping us smarten up the exterior of the school. They will be painting the exterior doors to the canteen building and also the entrance to the junior building from yard.

Please note that on Tuesday 10th May all Year 3 children will be brought to meet parents on the junior yard through main entrance doors.

Please keep main entrance clear and wait on the yard as usual - just keep clear of the doors as the paint may be wet!

Health and Safety on Site

Please note that from Monday 23rd May, there will be building contractors on site. This will be closely monitored and managed with the pupils best interests in mind. We will be following strict risk assessments and will keep you informed of any additional safety measures as and when they arise.

URGENT: Milner Street Courtyard Junior Entrance to be closed.

From Monday 23rd May, the Milner Street Courtyard area will be closed to parents. A safe fire escape route for pupils will be kept open only.

Please can all parents arrange to collect pupils from Classes 4 LDy (Miss Dyer), 4 CBr (Mrs Brown) and 4 DG (Mr Godsall) from the main Junior Yard. All pupils will be brought out onto the Junior yard at the end of the day to await parents collecting them.

Thank you for your support in this matter.