Weekly News

Weekly News - 05.09.16

Welcome back to the new school year

The holidays have flown by as usual but we hope you have all enjoyed them!

Improved Parent Communications

To improve communications with parents we have:

A text messaging service for the whole school.

Please can I ask parents to ensure that we have your current mobile phone number so that we can use this service successfully. If you change your mobile phone number please inform the school as soon as possible.

Remember our Telephone Answering Service has an absence message line so you can leave the school a message.

Nursery / Reception waiting lists

We are currently full in both Nursery and Reception - if you failed to gain a place PLEASE INFORM Newport School Admissions Team as soon as possible if you wish to remain on our waiting list should a place become available.

Contact details: school.admissions@newport.gov.ukor telephone (01633) 656656.

Important Dates

Parent welcome Meetings

Reception 13.9.16 2.15pm - Infant Hall

Year 1-2 14.9.16 2.15pm - Infant Hall

Year 3-4 15.9.16 2.15pm - Junior Hall

Year 5-6 16.9.16 2.15pm - Junior Hall

Book Week: 19.9.16- 23.9.16

Fancy Dress

Reception 21.9.16 9.10am Infant Hall

Year 3-4 21.9.16 2.00pm Junior Hall

Year 1-2 22.9.16 9.10am Infant Hall

Year 5-6 22.9.16 2.00pm Junior Hall

Nursery am 23.9.16 9.10am Infant Hall

Nursery pm 23.9.16 12.50pm Infant Hall

Year 5 swimming: Autumn Term

Class 5LD Thursday 15th September to 24th November 2016 - please see separate letter