Weekly News

Attendance winners - congratulations!!

The best attendance awards for a class attendance total last week went to:

Class 1SB in Foundation Phase with 98%

Class LRB LD in Key Stage 2 with 98.2%

Keep up the good work!

Attendance and Absence

If your child is not well please phone the school, if possible on the day of the absence, so that we can authorise this absence as illness. We have an answer machine so if no one is available to take the call, please leave a message telling us your childs name, class and reason for the absence.

Remember, you need to phone in every day your child is absent!

Nursery Parents

We ask for your co-operation in establishing good habits of promptness and regular attendance. If your child is ill, please let the school know as soon as possible on the first day of absence. This may be by way of a note delivered by neighbour or friend or a telephone call.

If your child does not attend regularly or is absent for a long time without any explanation, we may offer the place to a child on the waiting list.

Thank you for your continued support.

RED NOSE DAY 2017 - Friday 24th March

Make your laugh matter"

Red Nose Day is a School Council initiated fun day, which the children love to participate in and it raises money for very worthwhile causes - for people less fortunate than us. It helps children to understand Global Citizenship, so please support this School Council led Fun Event.

The theme for Red Nose Day this year is make your laugh matter so the teachers and pupils are planning lots of fun learning experiences.

Whole School Activities include:

  1. Non- uniform day for Pupils/Staff on Friday 24th March: Wear Something Funny. For example - Big Baggy Clothes / Red Nose Day T-shirt / Pyjamas / Superhero costumes / Silly hair / Funny faces / Red Noses and for this privilege, the children and staff are being asked to donate a minimum of 50p to Comic Relief.
  2. Learn, sing and do the actions to the Red Nose Day song
  3. Pupil / Teacher Lame Academy Talent Show: Individuals or groups are being encouraged to perform in the talent show. For example to sing a song / tell jokes / perform a dance / play an instrument etc.. So if you have a talent, please practise it for our talent show this week.

Remember to keep an eye out on our Twitter feed for pictures of the day!

https://twitter.com/5tAndrews / @5tAndrews