Weekly News

Attendance winners - congratulations!!

The best attendance awards for a class attendance total last week went to:

Class RSG in Foundation Phase with 97.8%

Class 5RG in Key Stage 2 with 99.6%

Keep up the good work!

Important Dates!!

Tues. 28th - Wed. 29th March: Gamelan Music Project Year 4

Friday 31st March: Clubs finish for Spring Term today

Mon. 3rd - Fri. 7th April: Cultural diversity Week in school

Wednesday 5th April: Romanian Project Day in RSG

Thursday 6th April: 6JM class assembly to parents KS 2 hall

Thursday 6th April: Nursery Easter Bonnet Parades

Friday 7th April: Non-uniform day / Chocolate Raffle / Easter Disco afternoon


Parking outside school / dropping pupils to school

Please can all parents note that access to the main school car park needs to be maintained at all times - we have a number of children brought to school in taxis and they must be able to come onto site through main gates.

Please DO NOT park on zigzag/yellow lines outside school at any time.

Thank you.

Red Nose Day 2017

The children and staff had great fun dressing up to look funny, painting their faces and the talent shows were great fun to watch - we have so much talent at St. Andrews! All the money raised for this worthwhile charity will go to people here in the UK and Africa.

Altogether we raised 257.25

Fun Times atCaerleon Roman Baths

Year 3 had an amazing fun-filled day at Caerleon Roman Baths. They enjoyed visiting the Amphitheatre, Baths, Capricorn Centre and the Gallery,wherelots of fun and learning about Romans took place. The day was full with endless fun of dressing up in armour, having a little lie down on the beds in the Barracks, experiencing what it was like going to a school back in the Romans times and even getting to look at Roman artefacts. (See pictures on main Newsletter)

Years 1 - 6 had a fantastic time learning about food safety when a spaced themed theatre project entitled The Ghastly Gravy on the Starship Gastromo entertained pupils. The project supports our Healthy Schools Curriculum, Maths, Science & PSE.

Reception Trip

Reception had a brilliant day at Tredegar House on Wednesday, even the rain didn\'t spoil their fun! Look at our Twitter page for more photos and videos of their day @5tandrews. Thank you to all our lovely parent helpers for your support.

Year 2- visited St Fagans last week to look at howdifferent types of buildings were built. The children learnt lots of new and interesting facts and they were thenable to discuss which materials were used to build each building. They were extremely well behaved and had a fantastic time.