Weekly News

Attendance winners - congratulations!!

The best attendance awards for a class attendance total last week went to:

Class 1CB in Foundation Phase with 99.3%

Class LRB LD in Key Stage 2 with 99.1%

Keep up the good work!


Due to the unavailability of staff, there will be no School Crossing Patrol provision on Cromwell Road / Corporation Road junction on Tuesday 13th June 2017.

Parents are reminded that the responsibility for the safety of their children to and from school remains with them and in view of the absence of a Patrol, should make arrangements for children who may be at risk to be accompanied. It is, of course, expected that infants are accompanied at all times.

Reminder (1)

Please can all parents and visitors to site remember that CHEWING GUM is not allowed on site.

Please do not allow your children to eat gum on site. Our fantastic new play area flooring is being spoiled by gum being dropped.

Thanks for your support with this matter.

Reminder (2)

Toys, trading cards and fidget spinners are to be kept at home.

We cannot take responsibility for such items being lost or damaged in school.

Please do not bring these items to school - all such items will be kept in main office for parents to collect.

Reminder (3) - Safe Crossing

We are concerned regarding safety due to the number of children / adults that are not crossing the main road using the Pelican crossing. Please can I ask parents model for children and children to cross the road safely using the pelican crossing with the lollipop lady, which is directly outside the school.