Weekly News

Attendance winners - congratulations!!

The best attendance awards for a class attendance total last week went to:

Classes 2SH and 2ED in Foundation Phase with 98%

Class 6KF in Key Stage 2 with 98.6%

Keep up the good work!


The PTFA, along with the school, will be holding an Autumn theme disco for the children on Friday 20th October during the afternoon. The children will be allowed to come to school in non-uniform on this day, so that they are ready for the disco.

Sandwich boxes


Please can parents remind all children who bring home packed lunches to school that lunch boxes are to be placed in class containers each morning so they can be stored in canteen for safety. Lunch bags are not to be left in cloakroom areas.

Please do not send lunch in rucksacks as we take all lunch bags to canteen each morning for safe storage. These bags need to fit into plastic carry trugs so rucksacks are too big. Please use lunch boxes only - thank you.

Message from Lliswerry Neighbourhood Policing Team

There have been numerous complaints regarding vehicles illegally parked outside and around St. Andrews Primary School. Gwent Police have received concerns for the safety of children at both the beginning and end of School. This is causing a danger to YOUR children and other persons using the footpaths and Gwent Police will be prosecuting offenders. Parking on double yellow lines, zig-zags or on the footpath is illegal and will incur you a Fixed Penalty Notice of 30. Please park appropriately and safely paying attention to the speed limit when entering and leaving the area. It is also important to have consideration for those living near schools, by not obstructing their driveways or blocking access to their homes.

We would ask you to please think of the safety of your and other peoples children and park safely when attending the School.

Many thanks for your co-operation.

Lliswerry Neighbourhood Policing Team.