Weekly News

Attendance winners - congratulations!!

The best attendance awards for a class attendance total last week went to:

Class RSG in Foundation Phase with 97.3%
Class 5RG in Key Stage 2 with 100%

Keep up the good work!

Reporting Absence

In the unfortunate event your child is unwell and is unable to attend School, please report absence via telephone to the School absence system (Dial 01633 257261, select Option 1, or select Option 3 to speak with a member of Staff) by 9:00 a.m.

School Contact

In the event that we need to contact you urgently our initial contact will be via telephone. Please note calls from the Junior School will display as 01633 257261 and calls from the Infant Building display as from a Withheld Number.
To ensure we are able to contact you promptly we should be grateful if you give details of any change to contact numbers to the Main School Office in the Junior Building as soon as possible.