Weekly News

Attendance winners - congratulations!!

The best attendance awards for a class attendance total last week went to:

Classes RSG & 2CW in Foundation Phase with 97.7%

Class 6JR in Key Stage 2 with 99%

Dates for your diary!

Monday 7th May: Bank Holiday - school closed

Tuesday 8th May: National Maths Reasoning Test Y2 - Y6

Wednesday 9th May: FP LRB trip to B and Q plant shopping (morning only)

Thursday 10th May: REF class assembly for parents

Admissions Waiting Lists

If you were not successful in gaining a place for St. Andrews Primary School Nursery or Reception classes for September 2018 please note that Newport Admissions Team keep the waiting list open until 30th September 2018. They will write to all parents before this date to ask them if they wish to remain on the waiting list until August 2019.

Please note that Newport Admissions Team (Civic Centre) will end all in-year waiting lists on 31st August 2018. So if a child is on the waiting list now, they would be removed from the waiting list unless a new application is received. Parents can now apply for a September 2018 place; so if you require a place apply now and you will be added to the list for September and will remain on the waiting list until August 2019.