Eco Schools

Welcome to the Eco Schools Page!

Congratulations to the 18 new Eco Councillors elected by their classmates for 2018-2019. We have one representative per class that have a very busy year ahead of them.

Our Eco Councillors are:

1EB Berfim Saridas

1SW Adanze Ogbonna

1LD Anthony Nestor

2JR Elzbieta Romanowska (Ella)

2EDe Rosie Smart

2MH Brody Gibbons

3KF Jasmina Ymeri

3ED Sophia Oputa

3SH Julia Krawcewicz

4DG Joshua Oputa

4CB Tahsin Ahmed

4EA Alibah Imtiaz

5RK Caylum Evans

5NH Aleeza Arfan

5BK Zain Iqbal

6JM Aimee Maloney

6CP Jasmine Hoque

6KW Esther Kazeem

They will start by working with last years Eco Councillors to help us achieve our third Green Flag. We have our assessment day on Wednesday 3rdOctober 2018. They will have the opportunity to tell the assessor all about the projects we worked on since our last assessment. Some of the older children will be able to talk about the difference in our school grounds since her last visit three years ago. Last year we took part in Show the Love, an international day where we think about caring for and showing love for our environment. Year 3 and four took part in ADT recycling workshops where they learned about the amazing things that can be made from all the things that we throw away. They were surprised to hear that bricks to build houses can be made fromdirty nappies!!!!!

We also have recycled lots and lots as a school. We now recycle paper, pens, ink cartridges, batteries, Christmas cards and clothes so dont forget to send your used batteries into school instead of putting them in the bin, you could help our school to win a prize.

Keep your eyes peeled for the characters below, they pop up a lot in our school!