Weekly News

Attendance winners - congratulations!!

The best attendance awards for a class attendance total last week went to:

Class LRB FP in Foundation Phase with 100%

Class 5BK in Key Stage 2 with 99.6%

Well done -keep up the good work!!

Test Weeks

Good attendance and punctuality at school is always important, but it is especially important over the next few weeks, especially from:

Tuesday 7th May - Wednesday 15th May

The children are completing their Standardised Assessment tests in Maths, Reading and Spelling throughout the school. The Reading and Maths tests from Year 2 - Year 6 are National Assessment tests.

These are VERY important tests as they help to support the teachers assessment of the childrens progress throughout the year.

The Year 6 results are also used by the High School as a Baseline from which they group the children.

Important Dates

Thursday 9th May: Class 1LD class assembly at 9.00am FP Hall

Thursday 9th May: Class 4CB trip to Beechwood Park

Friday 10th May: REF Creative Lead Schools Project showcase at Lysaghts Institute

Eco-Council News

Please look out for a Dragon Textiles recycling bag coming home with your child this week. We would be grateful for any donations that you could make to our collection that will then help us raise money for our school as well as helping St. Andrews do their bit for the environment and maintaining our Green Flag status.

Please send in bags on Friday 10th May ready for them to be collected on Monday 13th May.

Thank you in advance from St. Andrew\'s Eco Council.

Summer School Uniform

The school has a proud tradition of school uniform and we are most grateful for the continued support of parents. At St. Andrews Primary we aim to provide our children with a School Uniform that is FIT for Purpose and supports parents against the pressure of trying to keep up with the latest fashions.

Please note our Summer school uniform is:

Black, tailored knee-length shorts (boys and girls)

White polo shirt

RED gingham Summer dresses (not blue)

Black school sweatshirt or cardigan (with school logo if possible)

Plain BLACK shoes or trainers only

Please do not send your child in white shoes, coloured trainers, white cardigans or blue dresses.

Thank you for your continued support.

After School Clubs

After school clubs for this term will resume on:

Monday 13th May 2019

See Main newsletter for full list of clubs.

REMINDER: Health and Safety on site

Please remember that, as stated in our school handbook for parents:

Bicycles on School Grounds

The Governing Body has agreed a policy that does not permit bicycles to be ridden on school grounds. If your child has a trike or a scooter, please ensure that these are wheeled to the school gate, or better still, left at home. Adults collecting children are to wheel bicycles in a similar manner.


For health and safety reasons the Council and Education Authority have stated that dogs are not to be brought onto school premises; unless the dog is a guide dog, supporting a blind person.