Weekly News

Attendance winners - congratulations!!

The best attendance awards for a class attendance total last week went to:

Class 2 ED in Foundation Phase with 98.6%

Class 3 MH in Key Stage 2 with 98.9%

Keep up the good work!

Attendance Prize this term will be


Bubbleman will entertain and thrill pupils with the art, magic, science and the fun of bubbles.

Which class will win?

Remember two classes (FP and KS2) with highest overall attendance this term will win.


Dates for your diary!

Years 5 and 6 trip to Cineworld How to Train Your Dragon: Tuesday 19th November

Rugby Tournament at Spytty: Wednesday 20th November

Football match against Ringland: Wednesday 20th November on Milner Street Field

2ED class assembly: Thurs 21st November 9.00am FP hall

Year 1 Christmas Storytelling Workshops: Thurs 21st November

5CB class assembly: Thurs 28th November 9.00am KS2 hall

Reach Radio Launch Event: Friday 29th November