Weekly News

Attendance winners - congratulations!!

The best attendance awards for a class attendance total last week went to:

Class 2JE in Foundation Phase with 100%

Classes LRB DG and 4EA in Key Stage 2 with 100%

Keep up the good work!


Polite reminder!

Please can parents inform us if a child is absent and provide a reason - you can phone the dedicated school absence line and leave a message, e-mail the school or send a written note in.

We have a number of absences without reasons - these will become unauthorised unless a reason is provided.

Important Dates

Along with Teacher Assessments the children in each Year Group will be undertaking some Internal Standardised Assessment Tests in Maths, English, Reading and Science during the following dates:

Monday27th April - Friday 8th May

The dates of the National Tests are between:

28th - 5th May 2020

The tests are used with teacher assessments by the school to band the children in their groups for Maths and English and are used by Lliswerry High School as a baseline from which they band the children.

Therefore, if you are thinking of booking an annual holiday, we ask parents to please book it during school holidays.

In line with WAG advice we do not authorise any holidays taken during school time and fixed penalty notices are now in operation for all unauthorised absences for more than 5 days in a term.


We are really short of wellies for KS2 pupils to wear when working outside. If you have any that your child has outgrown, we would be grateful for any donations.