Attendance Information for Parents

Attendance and Absences

It is inevitable that your child may occasionally be absent from school. Authorised marks will only be given for illness and medical appointments. A visit to the doctor or dentist will usually be authorised for one session (half day). The Welsh Government and School discourage holidays taken during school term time and holidays will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Legislation requires the school to seek a reason for all absences. Therefore so that your child may be given the correct absent mark, it is vital that you inform us of the correct reason for your childs absence. Please inform us either by:

  • letter
  • holiday form
  • phone call (we have an answer machine that will record absences)
  • informing the class teacher/teaching assistant.

As I am sure you will agree, regular and punctual attendance is very important for the children to gain maximum benefit from their education. The school therefore has to monitor not only pupil attendance, but also the punctuality of children. Children who arrive after 9.00 am are recorded as being late in class registers and children who arrive after 9.30 am when the registers close, are regarded as being absent for the morning session for recording purposes.

Every day your child is absent from school they may fall behind in

5 subjects and will miss 0.5% attendance from school.




Lessons Missed


190 days

0 days



185 days

5 days

25 lessons


180 days

10 days

50 lessons


152 days

38 days

190 lessons