Admission Information

Admission Information

Children can be admitted to school in the Autumn term if their 5th birthday falls between September 1st and August 31st in that academic year. Children generally attend school on a full time basis following a two week period of induction.

The majority of children transfer from the Nursery Department. Parents residing outside our recognised catchment area must apply to the Chief Education Officer, School Section, Civic Centre, Newport for permission for their child to attend this school. Our admissions policy does not discriminate against anyone, on the grounds of gender, ability or disability, social background, race, colour, religion, nationality or ethnic origins.

Application forms for admission to school are available each Autumn, to be returned to school by the first week in January. The maximum number of children to be admitted to any one class is 30.

On their childs admission to school, parents are asked to sign the Home School Agreement reviewed, updated and agreed by parents, pupils, governors and staff in June 2014. This agreement set out the parents, pupils and the schools responsibilities. Parents are asked to do all that they can to uphold the terms of these agreements.

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