Weekly News 09.11.15

Estyn Inspection

Just a reminder that between Monday 9th November and Thursday 12th November there will be a team of Estyn Inspectors visiting the school.


Poppies for remembrance will be on sale across the school this week. There is no set cost for poppies but a donation is given to the Royal British Legion.

The Junior children will be marking the event with a Remembrance Service on the morning of Thursday 12th November. This has been an annual event for some twenty years and is attended by many local veterans. Our children always look particularly smart on this day and a poppy shows their respect for the occasion.

Junior children will sell the poppies during the day. We do not provide the straight pins for school wear so if you have a safety pin for your child to fix their poppy to the school uniform it will help them.


All Parental Consultations will be taking place week commencing Monday 16th November 2015, and will be held in the Foundation Phase hall. Please note that all after-school clubs will be cancelled while these consultations are taking place.

Children In Need - Friday 13th November

During week commencing 16th November we are holding our Anti-Bullying Week in school to highlight the message that we will not tolerate Bullying of any sort in school:

Whether it is physical, verbal or emotional bullying,"


The children are keen to take part in this national event so the School Council suggested that we combine it with the anti-bullying Dress in Blue Day.

So on Friday 13th November, they are asking the children and staff to make a donation to Children in Need and dress in something blue or they can wear a Pudsey Bear T shirt, bandana, badge with something blue as well.

This day is also our Pantomime Day - there will be no charge for pupils to watch the panto Beauty and the Beast.