Year 3

Welcome to Year 3’s Page! smiley

Our classes in Year 3 are…

3ED (Miss Davies)

3CB (Mrs Brown)

3SW (Mrs Bishop)


This term, we have decided to take our learning in a new direction. The children have been responsible for choosing our projects and what we are going to learn about so every class is different! Take a look at our project webs and what we are going to be up to in the next couple of weeks. 



Mission Space!


Hurtling Hurricanes!


By the Seaside




During the Autumn term, our topic of ‘Who Lives Here?’ has focused on habitats. We have done so much learning! We have looked at different types of habitats and the animals that live there, comparing and contrasting the habitats to find out similarities and differences, creating a sequence of movements to show a jungle habitat, investigating what certain animals like to eat in a woodland habitat and even making habitats for animals! We are sure you have loved seeing all of our learning on Twitter and Seesaw. laugh


To finish off our topic, we did a project to show what we know about habitats. We decided to create news bulletin videos and it took a lot of work! We worked in groups to give out parts, write facts we know about the habitat, write a script collaboratively on Hwb then film our news bulletins using Green Screen and iMovie technology. Take a look!


Don’t forget to check our Twitter feed and your Seesaw app to see all the fun! laugh