Class LRB CC


Welcome to LRB CC’s page!

Our teacher is Miss Cooper

Our other adults are Miss Howe, Miss Bown and Mr Grant


Autumn Term 2018

This term we have got off to a great start. We have been sharing childhood memories and stories and writing our own autobiographies. We loved sharing our photos of us as young children and babies. 

On Tuesday mornings Mrs Burgoyne helps in our classroom and this term we are planning and working to improve our outdoor area. We have been thinking about how to make it look more attractive. We have also been busy planning and resourcing a woodwork station… Watch this space!

Our Autumn topic is ‘Newport and Beyond’. This has involved us exploring our local area and the city of Newport. We have also compared Newport past and present. We have studied the river usk and rivers of the world. We will also be exploring bridges and structures and going on a local walk to look at the bridges close to our school.


We have been learning all about our new REACH curriculum during our social groups in the afternoon. We designed a class mascot, a Panda. The panda will be taking turns to visit the homes of all the pupils in our class to learn more about our homelives.



We have been busy collecting dojo points for positive, role model behaviour. We cant wait to swap our points in the dojo shop!

This term we have also enjoyed attending Miss Cooper and Mrs Harrod’s afterschool club.


Dont forget to check into Seesaw to see our learning journal or look for us on Twitter @5tAndrews


Spring Term 2019

We began our spring term learning about Chinese New Year and setting new personal and academic targets. We were all interested in learning creation stories from different religions and cultures. We than begin to think about scientific theories of how the world began. This led us into our ‘Our Place in Space’ topic. We asked questions about space and how astronauts live in space. One of our questions was “What do astronauts eat in space?” Miss Cooper challenged us to design food for space. We carried out research, an experiment and even tasted and evaluate real space food. 

We enjoyed a class trip to Techniquest. It has been our favourite trip so far as there was such much to explore. We really enjoyed asking our questions to an expert in the planitarium.


This term we explore ‘The Digital Realm’ in a project exploring information and communication technology. We discussed a healthy lifestyle and wanted to find out how much time children spend on ipads and computers. We used google docs to create questionnaires and shared them with our peers. 

We ended a busy term with cultural diversity week where we learnt all about the country of Norway.


Summer Term 2019

During our summer term we have enjoyed the better weather with daily learning in our outdoor environment, we especially enjoyed creating aquarium themed games and role play.

We began our term with our ‘Under the Sea’ project. We enjoyed asking questions and then using different information sources to find facts and write non-chronological reports. 

We used our Welsh language skills to discuss pets and even chose to have a class pet.. 2 fish! We researched how to look after them and can’t wait to take turns to feed and care for them. We are currently thinking of ideas for their names…!



Miss Cooper and team