Class LRB LD

Class LRB LD

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Summer Term

This term in LRB LD our topic is ‘Nature Small, Nature Big.’  During the first half term of the summer we examined what plants need to survive.  Our investigation took three weeks and revealed that everything is not as straight forward as it seems. 

Our plants with no water and no sun died as we expected but our plant with no soil is still healthy after 4 week.


Our investigation prepared us for planting and growing mini-beast habitats.  We planted grass seed and wild flower seed in the hopes of attracting more mini-beasts to our outdoor area.

Having prepared our mini-beast habitats we changed our focus from plants to the mini-beasts themselves.  We studied their anatomy, habitat, diet, distinguishing features and fascinating facts.  All this prepared us well for our school trip to Goytre Wharf!

We had an awesome day pond dipping in the morning and mini-beast hunting in the afternoon.  We were able to compare the difference in bio-diversity between the canal and the pond as we used our nets to catalogue the species in two separate fresh water habitats.  After lunch we set up a base camp and entered the woodlands to search for mini-beasts in a forest habitat. Check out the pictures!

In the second half of term we shall be moving onto the ‘Nature Big’ element of our topic.  I’m sure we shall all have fun as we `go big’ and look into mammals and reptiles.   We cannot wait to share everything we are doing with you so keep checking back for our latest pictures and adventures!

Spring Term

Class LRB LD have had an awesome time during cultural diversity week.  Playing the Swedish game Kubb, cooking and tasting swedish food and participating in Forest school.

In LRBLD we have been having a wild time in our current topic’The Body’.

We even made the newspaper!