Class LRB KS2

Class LRB KS2


Welcome to LRB KS2’s page!

Our teacher is Miss Cooper

Our other adults are Miss Howe, Mrs Lonergan and Miss collier


Summer Term 2018

This term in we have been embracing child led learning which has been so exciting. This has allowed the children to drive and explore their learning through a series of mini projects.

We started by thinking about our outdoor yard and that grew into thinking about our school as a whole. 




Through our outdoor learning we then began a topic on mini beasts which evolved into looking at pets. We looked at the art work of Steven Brown who paints animals using bright colours. We really enjoye expressive arts.




Our next topic was Lego which involved us looking at the story behind the invention of Lego. We thought about what made us special like Emmet from the Lego movie. We also created a Lego station on which we could display all our amazing Lego models. 


Next we enjoyed a week of preparing for the Royal Wedding and our own royal garden party. We wrote shopping lists and set up a Morrison’s role play area. We walked to Morrisons to buy our party supplies and we even enjoyed our snack in the cafe. Our party was so much fun and we invited our families. We had to do some problem solving to get ready for our party including solving questions like…

  1. How many sandwiches can you make from a loaf of bread?
  2. How can we make some bubble mixture?
  3. How much squash do we need to add to make the best tasting squash?


Dont forget to check into Seesaw to see our learning journal or look for us on Twitter @5tAndrews