Class LRB RH

Welcome to the Summer Term!


We are following pupil’s interests for our learning this term. If there is anything that your child is particularly interested in, please let us know!


During the last two weeks the children have made a ‘time machine’ and travelled to dinosaur land! They have been very busy finding out interesting facts and learning how big they are! We have also been putting our creative expertise to good use and have created all sorts of exciting pieces of art!


For the remainder of the term, pupils have expressed an interest in planting in the outdoor area to make it look beautiful and would like to be princesses and pirates! We also have our annual trip to Barry Island to look forward to and so will be doing some work around that.


Later in the term we will be thinking about keeping healthy and we look forwards as always to our favourite event of the year…Sports Day!


We are anticipating enjoying being outside as the weather (hopefully) gets warmer! In hot weather, please remember to send your child to school wearing sun cream and provide them with a sun hat and water bottle.


Thank you for your continuing support,


Team LRB RH!