Attendance Targets

Dear Parents / Guardians,


As you are aware Welsh Government are asking all schools to improve attendance figures. Our realistic target for this year was 92% which is still 2% below the National Average of 94%.  If your child’s attendance at the time of writing their report was below 92% they will have a target to continue to improve attendance next year on their report.  Our target for next year will be 93 - 94% as we are striving over the next few years to be at least the same as the Welsh national average of 94%. 


The Welsh Government are very concerned with the number of children having holidays during school time and have advised Governing Bodies to make such absences, unauthorised absences.  The Governing Body of St. Andrew’s Primary considered Welsh Government advice and like many schools in Wales, including the other Primary Schools in the Lliswerry Cluster, from September 2013 decided to record all holidays as unauthorised absences.  Parents are still asked to fill in a holiday form, as the school has a duty to record all reasons for pupil absence to Welsh Government.  


Ten days holiday taken during school time will reduce your child’s overall attendance by 5%.  That is 50 lessons they will be missing, so if you need to take a holiday during school time please try and tag it on to an existing school holiday so that your child does not miss so much time from school.  Ideally please take your annual holiday during the school holidays so that your child does not miss any of their learning.  


Please note that the National Tests will be taking place in all schools throughout the month of May each year, so if you have to book a holiday during school time, please avoid booking a holiday during the month of May.  These are very important tests for your child so they need to be in school during this period as the test cannot be taken after this period.   


Thank you for your support regarding this area of concern. We cannot improve pupil attendance and punctuality without your help and support. However, by learning together we will improve attendance to support your child to reach the stars.


Thank you in anticipation of your support.


Yours sincerely 


Mrs. J. Giles (Headteacher)