Attendance Information for St. Andrew's


Official attendance and absence figures for St. Andrew’s Primary School for 2014-2015.



Percentage of attendance                          92.6%  

Authorised  Absence                                  4.5%    

Unauthorised  Absence                             2.9%  



Percentage of attendance                          93.1%  

Authorised  Absence                                  4.9% 

Unauthorised  Absence                             2.00%


The Welsh Government requires at least 95% attendance.  If your child’s attendance falls below this percentage the Headteacher will contact you.  The Governors recognise the need for pupils to attend school regularly and punctually. A member of the Governing Body monitors attendance on a regular basis. The school employs a member of staff to support, maintain and monitor attendance.  The Education Welfare Officer (EW0), based at the school, checks the registers monthly and follows up any unauthorised or long term unexplained absences by letter, telephone calls and home visits.