Extra Curricular Clubs

Extra Curricular Clubs


These are taken on a voluntary basis by the staff with some clubs taking place during lunchtimes and others after school. There are a variety of extra curricular activities each year that may include the following:

School Clubs


If you child wishes to join an after-school club they must sign up with teachers in school. You will then receive a letter with full club details from the teacher running the club.


Children benefit considerably from these activities, and their education is enriched by them.

Parents are asked to remember that they are responsible for making arrangements to collect their children from school following any after-school activities. If they wish for their child to walk home on their own after the clubs they must put this in writing.


MUSIC tuition    

Children who show aptitude may learn to play a variety of instruments.  Music peripatetic teachers visit the school weekly.  When a child embarks on one of these courses it is hoped they will persevere with it.