School Meals

School Meals

Meals are provided at lunchtime for all children wishing to order a hot meal or school packed lunchin school. T

Parent Pay

School meals must be boooked online for the following week (by midnight on Sunday).Upon registering your child for school at St. Andrews you will receive an activation letter with a user name, password and guidance notes. You will then be able to set up your account.

Children wishing to bring a packed lunch from home may do so. The Welsh Assembly document Appetite for Life asks parentsto support the Healthy Lunch Box initiative by sending a sensible packed lunch into school with their child. This initiative reflects our school healthy eating policy led by our School Council which encourages parents to include in a lunch box a piece of fruit and at most, just one small chocolate bar. To access your account online visit

Infant pupils

School milk is served free of charge to all infant children at breaktime.

All Pupils

Pupils are encouraged to bring flavoured water or fruit juice drinks at lunchtime rather than fizzy drinks or squash. A drink of water can be provided to any child who requests it.

Please remember to label lunchboxes/bags as many other children may have an identical box /bag.Children are supervised at lunchtime by amidday supervisor or a Teaching Assistant. They are taught a variety of playground games and use outdoor playground equipment during the lunchtime play period.

Snacks at Playtime

In an effort to encourage children to eat sensibly and as part of our Healthy School policy we ask that parents to please send a small piece of fruit/vegetablefor children to eat during playtime.